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Shade Protocol, on the Secret Network, offers private DeFi applications. It features two tokens: $SHD for governance and $SILK, a stablecoin tied to diverse assets. Shade aims to streamline DeFi with added privacy.


Shade Protocol



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Before our involvement, Shade Protocol, despite its groundbreaking vision in the DeFi space, faced a significant challenge: their website did not adequately reflect the quality and sophistication of their offerings.
The existing site lacked a cohesive user experience, and the separation of the Blog and Shade TV made it difficult for users to access all the valuable content in one place.
Furthermore, with the rapidly evolving nature of the DeFi ecosystem, it was essential for Shade to have a website that not only highlighted its core products – the DeFi suite and the stablecoin Silk – but also provided an aesthetic that matched the innovation behind these products.
The challenge was not only to redesign the website but to centralize, optimize, and make it a beacon for potential users and investors in the DeFi space.

Project Overview

LP Labs was approached to overhaul the Shade Protocol website. Our primary tasks were the design of the Home, Blog, and Shade TV sections. Additionally, we developed custom 3D assets, employing the Spline tool for precise design execution. The website's backbone was constructed using the Framer no-code platform.

Our motion design team also crafted a unique animation for the website's launch, ensuring a dynamic user entrance experience. The overarching goal of the redesign was multifaceted. Firstly, we sought to elevate the user experience by spotlighting Shade's pivotal products: their DeFi suite and the Silk stable coin. Secondly, we aimed to modernize the website's visual appeal. Lastly, by merging the Blog and Shade TV, we provided users with a singular, unified platform for both written and video content.

This project stands as a testament to LP Labs' commitment to combining form and function in web design.


LP Labs crafted a dedicated space for Shade Protocol's musings, news, and insights. Through a balance of aesthetics and functionality, we've delivered a platform that bridges the gap between Shade and its community, ensuring accessibility for both crypto novices and experts.

Shade TV

Embracing the power of visuals, LP Labs designed Shade TV as a dynamic platform. From in-depth video content to engaging demos, we've encapsulated Shade Protocol's mission and innovations, offering viewers an immersive DeFi experience like no other.


Silk Coin 3D Design & Animation

LP Labs innovatively married design with interactivity, showcasing the Silk Coin in a dynamic 3D representation using Spline. Beyond its captivating aesthetic, the coin animation responds seamlessly to the user's scroll action on the browser, adding an engaging dimension to the site experience. This approach epitomizes our commitment to blending art, technology, and user engagement, ensuring the Shade Protocol's flagship stable coin is not only viewed but experienced.

Technical specs

  • Design in Figma

  • Front end with Framer

  • TypeScript custom code components

  • Framer CMS advanced configuration

  • 3D design with Blender

  • WebGL integration with Spline

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